Recommended Equipment to Begin Playing PowerHockey™:


The standard size of hockey goals sold at most stores is 6 ft. (183 cm) wide x 4ft. (121 cm) high x 2 feet (60 cm) deep. PowerHockey™ league and tournament rules, however, use an official goal size of 6 ft. (183 cm) wide x 3 ft. (91 cm) high x 2 feet (60 cm) deep. The height of the goal was changed because most players can't raise the ball. In an attempt to decrease the advantage for those few players who could lift the ball we lowered the goal to 3 ft.

The best option to find goals this size is to order them from Edge Sports. They will custom make their "Pro" series goals to official PowerHockey specifications. Tell them the U.S. EWHA/PowerHockey™ referred you to receive a great price on these durable portable goals.

Pro Series Portable Goal:
72" x 36" Size Goal
$275.00 pair (including shipping)
Phone: 1.800.861.8628
Fax: 1.520.770.1226
Contact: Chris Warren - [email protected]

To achieve official PowerHockey specifications on a standard store purchased goal is to either cut the necessary tubing off or use a net to close off the top foot of the 4 ft. goal.

Some leagues may also decide to find someone to build a 6 ft. x 3 ft. goal with PVC tubing which can be found at a local hardware store. This is usually an inexpensive solution but requires someone with the necessary skills and tools to take the time to build it. Goal netting can be purchased at any sporting goods store or online, simply buy the netting for a 6 ft. x 4 ft. goal. Note: Many times the self made goals are not very durable and may only last a year or two depending on use and storage etc. It all depends on the builder and material used.

Funnets™ Folding PVC Goal:
6'W x 4'H x 2'D Goal w/ Orange Net - [Gopher Sport #10-838]
Pro-Goaler™ Multiuse PVC Goal:
72"W x 48"H x 25"D Goal w/ Net - [Gopher Sport #10-796]
Domestic customers call: 1.800.533.0446
International customers call: 1.507.451.7470
Fax: 1.800.451.4855