Our rules follow the basic hockey rules found in any hockey league around the country. Off-sides and penalties are a routine call during the game. Players can serve 2 or 5 minute penalties for such things as interference, delay of game, holding, high sticking and roughing. Unlike other hockey leagues, there are a few minor adaptations needed to allow everyone the ability to participate. The hockey sticks allowed are any made from a light-weight plastic material. Instead of a puck being used a light weight plastic ball is substituted. Some participants will require the stick be taped to there wheelchair. This is the only addition or alteration that may be made to a wheelchair. Nothing can be added underneath the wheelchair to obstruct the ball from rolling underneath.

     The only thing needed to play this sport is a passion for the game, team spirit and the love for competition. PowerHockey™ is an ideal sport for persons requiring the use of an electric wheelchair. Players do not need assistance from able-bodied persons during the play of the game. This sport means total independence and equality. It is hard to think of another team sport in which a person in an electric wheelchair can participate without a great deal of assistance from able-bodied helpers. PowerHockey™ provides the perfect outlet for a team sports opportunity for this portion of the disabled community. If a participant can not slap the ball hard enough, the momentum of the wheelchair provides the physical strength to score the game winning goal!!!

For a complete copy of our Local League Rules view...
The Official U.S.EWHA PowerHockey™ Local League Rule Book

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The Official U.S.EWHA PowerHockey™ & NAPHA Tournament Rule Book.