Recommended Equipment to Begin Playing PowerHockey™:


PowerHockey™ leagues around the world typically use plastic or composite sticks. Do not purchase wood or aluminum based sticks or plastic sticks with wood, aluminum, or PVC inserts (For example Cosom® Super-Strong Power Shaft Hockey Set). Not only are these types of sticks to heavy for most PowerHockey™ players, but they are also more dangerous. Composite shafted sticks are lightweight like plastic, but are much more rigid. They are fairly new to the sport, but because of the cost (30 to 125 dollars each) it is usually up to the player to buy these sticks on their own if they wish to. The blade of any hockey stick MUST be made of plastic material.

Players who can not hold the hockey stick usually tape it to their wheelchair with general hockey or athletic tape. These players may also adapt their stick by inserting a dowel through its blade. The dowel should be approximately 6 inches long or 3 inches on each side of the blade. This is a simple adaptation used by MANY players who tape the stick to their wheelchair to help them gain and keep control of the ball.

Plastic Sticks

Cosom® Junior Hockey Sets:
36"L Sticks Set w/ 6 Red, 6 Yellow - [Gopher Sport # 10-802]
36"L Sticks Set w/ 6 Blue, 6 Green - [Gopher Sport # 11-652]
Cosom® Senior Hockey Sets:
43"L Sticks Set w/ 6 Blue, 6 Yellow - [Gopher Sport # 10-804]
Cramer® Floor Hockey Set:
36"L Sticks Set w/6 Red, 6 Yellow - [Gopher Sport # 11-035]
DOM® Junior Hockey Set:
36"L Sticks Set w/5 Red, 5 Blue, and 2 Goalie - [Gopher Sport # 12-285]

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Composite Sticks

Composite sticks are becoming used more because they are light in weight (like a plastic stick), very durable, but cost a lot more, usually near $100 per stick.  These sticks can be purchased at any sporting goods or hockey equipment store.

All sticks must be made of a plastic (or composite material) handle, shaft, and blade. Wood or metal shafts are not allowed, nor are composite shafts with wood or metal in their composition. Goaltenders may use a goaltender style stick if they choose, but this stick must also follow the plastic or composite guidelines.

*Although we do not state specific dimensions (height, length, width) for stick shafts and blades please use the following measurements as a general rule of thumb on what is acceptable-1.) A stick shaft length of 42 inches (105 cm) from the end of the shaft to the heel of the blade. 2.) The blade shall be approx. 10 inches (25 cm) from the heel to the end of the blade. The blade shall have a maximum height of 3 inches (7.5 cm) along its entire length. 3.) Goaltenders sticks blades
shall be approx.16 inches (40 cm) from the heel to the end of the blade. The blade shall have a maximum height of 4 inches (10 cm) along its entire length.