Jonathan Greeson, founder of the North Carolina Electric Wheelchair Hockey Association (NCEWHA), is 24 years old and has Spinal Muscular Atrophy. As a child, Greeson fell in love with hockey. It became a sport that despite his disability, he could still play in his backyard. Greeson graduated in May 2004 from NC State University where he majored in business management. During his senior year of college, Greeson had the opportunity to intern with Stanley Cup Champions Carolina Hurricanes. During his time as an intern and using the knowledge he learned in his business classes, Greeson created the NCEWHA.

The North Carolina Electric Wheelchair Hockey Association (NCEWHA) was created in 2003 with the mission of developing a quality hockey program for people in North Carolina who require the use of an electric wheelchair in daily life.

Knowing that there are many organizations throughout the world that embrace the disabled and help them financially and medically, part of the NCEWHA mission is to provide an avenue to help disabled people emotionally as well give them a physical activity to participate in.

Young or old, male or female, athletics has the ability to build confidence in its participants. This is true for disabled people that participate in athletics as well. The NCEWHA provides this experience to disabled people of all ages. The NCEWHA helps get disabled people out of their homes and active in their community.


From the NCEWHA, the Carolina Fury was created. 2003 marked the beginning of the Carolina Fury PowerHockey™ Team. After competing together as a team for just a short time, the Carolina Fury combined with a group from Baltimore, Maryland and participated in the 2004 PowerHockey™ Cup, held in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The Fury were able to raise over $3,000.00 through donations and sponsors from people in North Carolina before the event in order to cover most of their expenses. The Fury played 7 games in 3 days against 2 teams from Minnesota and one from Toronto. These teams have played together for years and it was a huge, but fun challenge competing with them. The trip and tournament wasn't just about the competition. While in Minneapolis, the Fury went to the Mall of America and even a Minnesota Twins game. Not to mention all the team dinners at the Town Hall Brewery and other restaurants. Most importantly were the new friendships the team made with people from all over North America. The Carolina Fury is looking forward to competing again at the 2006 PoweHockey™ Cup in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Calgary was the host city for the 1988 Winter Olympics.

The Fury has grown each year, but in order for the team to continue to succeed, the Fury needs more players. The team practices in Pikeville, NC at Charles B. Aycock High School which is near Goldsboro. Because of logistics, cost, and support from CBA, this has been the best venue to hone their skills. The team includes players from all over the state including far away Burlington, NC and Jacksonville, NC. These players love the game and are willing to make sacrifices to be at each practice and at each game. Hockey isn't the most popular sport in a state known for its basketball and baseball, but if you want to play a sport and may not be not strong enough to play basketball and baseball, you should try PowerHockey™.

Male or female, young or old, it doesn't matter. As long as you have the size and maturity level to compete, you can be a part of the growing success known as the Carolina Fury. If you are interested in learning more about PowerHockey or becoming a member of the only PowerHockey™ team in North Carolina, please contact us..


Short-term goal is to take a team from North Carolina to the Powerhockey Cup every two years! The Cup is PowerHockey’s World Championships.

As the Fury continues to represent North Carolina at a National level, the NCEWHA hopes to gain publicity and get more players involved in the game. In time, the NCEWHA hopes to have enough players to create a North Carolina Powerhockey League with many teams competing annually. These would be regional teams within the state playing against each other.

The Carolina Fury wants a complete roster all year long. Not only will this help the team, it will also give the team a chance to compete for the next cup without having to combine with others. And who knows maybe even a chance to win it all. Even if you have never seen a hockey game, if you are competitive, dedicated, and a team player the Fury's coaches can make you a great hockey player. However creating a championship team takes more than just players, the team needs the full support of the families. After all, they will be the ones bringing you to practice and taking the trips with the team.

Jonathan Greeson has worked very hard in getting the NCEWHA started, including obtaining nonprofit status for the organization.  His dream is to build the NCEWHA to an acceptable level that would allow him to work for the organization fulltime and continue working with a sport that has brought him confidence and enjoyment.  With continued support and new interest in the NCEWHA, that day may be here sooner than he thinks!


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